Aqualab Signature Partners

In an increasingly competitive market, it is important for companies to share resources, knowledge and experience, complementing their services in order to be closer to you.

Our strategy for the future also involves careful selection of successful partnerships. We believe that by working together, we can discover, develop and deliver added value to our partners and clients.

In order to extend and complement the range of services provided, AQUALAB established a partnership with a top laboratory in Anatomic Pathology

Through the shared common values between the two institutions, such as diagnosis accuracy and the constant focus on quality, we believe we have found in the IMP Laboratory the ideal partner to provide diagnostic services in the field of Pathology. 


Since cervical cancer and bowel cancer are some of the most common forms of cancer, AQUALAB focus on prevention through a partnership with Infogene.

We provide our clients with the Cervical Cancer Screening and the Oncoalert test.