Aqualab Signature Structure

The lab has two main departments: one dedicated to clinical analysis and another dedicated to water and food analysis. In order to ensure the quality of the obtained results, both departments are subject to meticulous quality controls and different programs of external quality evaluation.

The Department of clinical analysis participates in programs organized by INSA - National Health Institute Dr. Ricardo Jorge, UK NEQAS and RIQAS.

The external quality control in the food and water department is assured by our participation in the following programs:
RELACRE - physical-chemical parameters and sampling
LGC Aquachek Standars - physical-chemical parameters in effluent
LGC Standards QWAS - microbiological parameters in water
LGC Standards QMS - microbiological parameters in foods
A.G.L.A. and molecular biology (PCR)

AQUALAB meets the highest quality standards at national level in regards to premises, with a 1.000 m2 area where its two main activities are performed, using the latest technology, which, associated with the technical and scientific excellence of its employees and a culture based on values and principles such as:

  • Dynamism;
  • Technical expertise;
  • Dedication;
  • Versatility;
  • Sense of accuracy;

constitutes a response to the confidence that our customers (clients, patients, doctors, institutions) have always placed on the quality of our exams and laboratory diagnostics.

Currently, AQUALAB is a growing company and what began as a lab in Albufeira is today a group of labs which integrates three different structures: AQUALAB - Clinical and Public Health Laboratory in Albufeira, the Dr. João Josino da Costa Laboratory in Portimão, and the MODUSLAB Laboratory in Faro.