Aqualab Signature Accreditation

The accreditation process consists in the evaluation and recognition of the technical competence of entities to carry out specific conformity assessment activities (e.g. tests, calibrations, certifications and inspections).

This process is subject to community legislation, which requires harmonized work, verified through a system of peer review. As a result, each EU Member State (and EFTA) designated a single national accreditation body. In Portugal this mission was assigned to the IPAC.

The IPAC holds an annual Audit in order to demonstrate that the entity - in this case AQUALAB - maintains the level of compliance in their tests.

AQUALAB and accreditation

2007 - Aqualab accredits 26 tests in the water matrix.

2009 - Accreditation of water sampling.

2010 - Accreditation of Research and Quantification of Legionella pneumophila by PCR in Real time, Research of Salmonella sp., Smell and Taste.

2012 - Accreditation of Testing for food matrices and swabs and their collection.

Currently AQUALAB has accredited the tests contained in the Technical Annex L0417, which can be viewed by clicking on the accreditation symbol below.